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Infant School Challenges

Infant Art 

Challenge Completed

$1,280 Unlocked!

Every infant child will create their own piece of royal artwork in celebration of the Queen's Jubilee.

Nursery Sustainability

Challenge Completed

 $2,380 Unlocked

Nursery children will not use  paper or disposable plastic in class and will each plant seeds.

Reception Cycling 

Challenge Completed

$2,831 Unlocked

Reception students will complete a combined total of 2022 bus bay laps on the balance bikes.

Year 1 Reading 

Challenge Completed

$3,900 Unlocked

Year 1 children will read a combined total of 1000 books at home and in school over the week.

Year 2 Chinese Character 

Challenge Completed

$1,397 Unlocked

Year 2 children will take part in a bingo challenge and write   Chinese characters from memory.

Junior School Challenges 

The Great

House Quiz    Challenge Completed

$1,580 Unlocked

Children will be tasked with answering a series of questions across different themed rounds including a Royalty Round to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. The winning quiz team in each House, will then be pitted against each other to discover the House Quiz Champions!

Marble Run

Challenge Completed

$1,170 Unlocked 

Given a variety of re-cycled resources, the children will be tasked with creating the largest/longest Marble Run they can. Each House bases' challenge is to create a marble run that lasts the longest time.

Battle of

the Fittest      Challenge Completed

$1,172 Unlocked

Houses will compete against each other in a Battle of the Fittest!  Who will the Victor be?

Assault Course     Challenge Completed

$1,205 Unlocked

An elaborate assault course on the playing field will test the movement skills of our students. Those who complete the assault course will gain points for their House.


Ten-Step Challenge

 $980 Unlocked

This rhythm based challenge will test the students co-ordination to the max, as they attept to master the complicated claps, pats and slaps routine,  following instruction from our very own Ten Step Master, Mr Benjamin 'the music man' Walker!

Senior School Challenges 

Alexandra Inflatables 

Challenge Completed

$1,100 Unlocked

Alexandra challenges House Teams to compete against each other to keep a number of ludicrously sized infatables in the air. Collaboration and team work will be rewarded as they students need to prevent these touching the ground to save House points!

Cameron Arts 

Challenge Completed

$1,030 Unlocked

Cameron challenges the artists in each house to create the greatest shield the school has ever seen! In an artistic relay students from each house will work together to craft their House Shield to build the ultimate symbol of their House in a bid to claim victory in this challenge!

Weyhill Sketch 

Challenge Completed

$980 Unlocked

Weyhill challenges House teams to demonstrate their speed sketching abilities. Which house can handle the pressure and take home victory for their house?

Portsdown Escape Singapore

Challenge Completed

$1,180 Unlocked

Portsdown will take House members on a virtual tour of Singapore, cracking codes, solving puzzles and deciphering riddles to escape from Singapore. Which House will make it out first?

Wessex Watery

Challenge Completed

$980 Unlocked

Wessex challenges House Teams to a watery obstacle course! Teams will carry cups of water to fill their House Water Barrel. The House with the fullest barrel wins the Challenge!

Claymore Headers Challenge Completed

$980 Unlocked

Claymore challenges each house team to see how many headers they can do with a ball. The ball must not touch the ground and only heads allowed!

Winchester The Floor is Lava 

Challenge Completed

$1,480 Unlocked

Winchester's Lava Challenges requires Houses to navigate a course together without loosing any team members to the Lava floor!. The winning team will cross the course in the quickest time with the most team members arriving safely on the other side.

Raeburn Lightning Archery Tag   Challenge Completed

$1,060 Unlocked

Raeburn Strike challenges the House teams to Archery tag! House Teams will prove their agility by swerving darts in so doing winning points for their House.

Whole School Challenges 

Tanglin Superstars Challenge Completed 

$200 Unlocked

An elaborate assault course on the playing field will test the movement skills of our students. Those who complete the assault course will gain points for their House.

Merlions Swimathon Challenge Completed

$3,247 Unlocked

The mighty Merlions will swim 27 km, the length of Singapore,  in a relay which will involve our youngest to oldest squad members - how long will it take?

Staff 5 aside Football Tournament Challenge Completed

$980 Unlocked

Watch and cheer our staff play a friendly football match at the playing field. 

Alumni Challenges 

1st 25 Alumni 


The first 25 Tanglin Alumni donations received will unlock $980.

2nd 25 Alumni Challenge 

Reaching 50 Tanglin Alumni donations will unlock another $980.

3rd 25 Alumni  Challenge 

Reaching 75 Tanglin Alumni donations will unlock another $980. 

4th 25 Alumni 


Reaching 100 Tanglin Alumni donations will unlock yet another $980.

Tanglin Alumni donors